Gritti Venetia was born as Luca Gritti’s homage to his family’s history and its deep, longstanding connection with Italian perfumery. A descendant of a noble Venetian dynasty, Gritti pays tribute to his ancestor, the politician and merchant Alvise Gritti, and creates new rules for the world of niche fragrances.

The brand’s history began in 2009 with the first perfumes under the name of the Gritti family. 


The rebel of Italian niche perfumery and Gritti Venetia’s owner, Luca Gritti is a self-taught perfumer that works in the wake of an ancient and noble family tradition that has its roots in the 16th century Venice. The Gritti dynasty is famous for being one of the most important Venetian spices importers of all time. Still, it is also a family of politicians: the Doge of Venice Andrea Gritti and his son Alvise Gritti, famous merchant and diplomate.

Made in Italy

All of our fragrances are made in Italy in our own production facility in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, where we also work with many high-end perfume brands from around the world. Gritti Venetia means respect for the roots, passion, and a look into the future. And, of course, family: the inspiration of the Gritti dynasty’s history as essential as the constant presence of its members in all key processes today.


Gritti Venetia has a rich history of the Gritti family, a dynasty of ingenious politicians, merchants, and artists. The brand’s basis ― loyalty to its own values, traditions, and desire to go forward ― is reflected in the family coat of arms, crowned with the famous motto Sustinet nec fatiscit (Latin for “Don’t let difficulties stop you”). The Gritti name is synonymous with breathtaking fragrances and the utmost attention to perfume ingredients, packaging details, and environmental care.