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The wide horizon leaves the mind free to wander in any direction. The water is now clear and calm, a prelude to a journey that begins under the best auspices. There’s only one rule on this route: upholding purity. With intent and soul. Because that’s the only way anyone can sustain the world and not get weary. The rugged, crisp notes as you open the bottle glide over the softness of the magnolia. Fruity and rich musks await patiently: everything is perfectly balanced.

An homage to the Italian sartorial art, with Puro Luca Gritti approaches the great classic of perfumery: the musks. Like the perfect white shirt, this Gritti Privè extrait starts with a fresh, joyous embrace and then reveals its subtle, sexy skin scent with notes of sandalwood and spicy tonka beans.

Olfactory Pyramid

Green apple, Pink pepper, Sweet lemon
Magnolia, Petitgrain, Lily of the valley
Tonka beans, Sandalwood, Musk


  • The design of Gritti Privé takes inspiration from Italian nobility’s palaces: the bottles are dressed in velvet, a reference to the clothes of the Venetian doges, and crowned by 24-carat gold plated caps with Gritti dynasty emblem on the top.
  • For each Gritti Privé extrait, the perfumer created unique twists of two distinctive accords to fuse them together, adding singular nuances and notes necessary for a perfect balance.
  • The collection’s opulent packaging is an homage to the Gritti family’s jewelry cases: from the luxury velvet boxes to hard protective covers designed by Luca Gritti personally.