All of our fragrances are made in Italy in our own production facility in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, where we also work with many high-end perfume brands from around the world. Gritti Venetia means respect for the roots, passion, and a look into the future. And, of course, family: the inspiration of the Gritti dynasty’s history as essential as the constant presence of its members in all key processes today.

“Made in Italy” has been synonymous with excellence, beauty, and the highest quality in all its expressions for more than a century. Our passion for luxury perfume is reflected in the utmost attention to ingredients, fragrance compositions, and packaging: every detail counts.

Luca Gritti personally controls all production processes of Gritti Venetia. It is essential for the brand to support local artisans: we order unique handmade caps and boxes from the best Italian luxury packaging experts and cooperate with some raw materials producers from the south of Italy, known for its excellent citrus oils.


The Gritti is one of Venice’s most emblematic families, a dynasty with a rich and noble history closely linked to politics, art, and spice trade. Venice has been considered the principal trading port of Europe for centuries: many spices, essential oils, and other perfume ingredients originated here.


Home of the Gritti Venetia brand, where its history began. One of the most beautiful cities in Northern Italy, the main business center of the Emilia-Romagna region and a source of inspiration for artists and fashion designers, it is also where our brand’s production is located.