A game. The South. Heat. The breeze caresses all. An emerald sea on the horizon. Calm. Peace. A sudden wind from the east. Magic and mystery. New, different depths.

Preludio describes the emotion of exploring new horizons and lands, the spirit of freedom and curiosity. The perfumer’s homage to the first seaside memories linked with diary notes of Alvise Gritti’s debut on the shores of the Ottoman Empire. The fougere aquatic composition with fresh lavender notes and a sharp coniferous accord gives energy and is loved by connoisseurs of classic colognes.

Olfactory Pyramid

French lavender, Sicilian lemon, Sea notes
Sandalwood, Pine, Tobacco
Ambergris, Musk, Algae


  • Black Collection is the first collection of the brand that reflects the creative path of Luca Gritti and his particular style of work with different perfume genres.
  • Black Collection fragrances are remarkable for their inner dynamism and masterful use of spicy notes – one of the perfumer’s favorite techniques linked with his family’s history.
  • The collection bottles are topped with handmade metal caps with the Gritti family coat of arms.