Matin d’Été

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“When we’re all together. It is my first memory and the most cherished time of the year. I remember sunbeams, the smell of kumquats, the freshness of the sea breeze. Me and my sister, bare feet. The beginning.”

The essence of early summer days, fresh and clean, like a sea in the morning. Lemon zest and bergamot juice are swirling around the exotic floral accord, making way for a lightness of white musks and vanilla.

Olfactory Pyramid

Bergamot, Kumquat, Lemon zest

Passionfruit, Physalis, Hibiscus

Vanilla, Cedarwood, White musk


  • Choix by Gritti Venetia conveys the emotions captured in The Middle East and embodies the modern oriental spirit seen through the prism of the European perfumer.
  • The collaboration between Luca Gritti and Aida, the princess of Oman, follows the rules of niche perfumery and offers the best of Italian style: the compositions that inspire, the details that catch attention, the unforgettable image.
  • The collection’s design reflects the great passion of the princess: the art of jewelry. The emerald-cut solid glass bottle adorned with a golden tassel and crowned with a fountain-like cap: at Choix, every detail is essential.