Une Nuit



“The night belongs to lovers, right? This should be a fragrance to put before, smell during, and feel after. For two. The smell of the dates went well. The smell of freedom. Yes, I smell like chocolate. Bite me.”

The subtle and seducing smell of coconut cream whirls around the dark chocolate heart and powdery vanilla nuances. The skin is hot, the scent is subtle. The night is young.

Olfactory Pyramid

Coconut, Powder, Iris

Whipped cream, Chocolate, Dates

Cedarwood, Vanilla, Musk


  • Choix by Gritti Venetia conveys the emotions captured in The Middle East and embodies the modern oriental spirit seen through the prism of the European perfumer.
  • The collaboration between Luca Gritti and Aida, the princess of Oman, follows the rules of niche perfumery and offers the best of Italian style: the compositions that inspire, the details that catch attention, the unforgettable image.
  • The collection’s design reflects the great passion of the princess: the art of jewelry. The emerald-cut solid glass bottle adorned with a golden tassel and crowned with a fountain-like cap: at Choix, every detail is essential.