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Radiant light. A splendid explosion in a tribute to citrus fruits, with mandarin, lemon, and cedar joyfully whipping the air. Fresh ginger meets coriander for a curious twist, with the unmistakable blooming of jasmine. Caramel and musk are the sensual mix on which the fragrance, promising, concludes.

Luca Gritti challenges the citrus olfactive family with this ode to the mandarine tree, the symbol of fortune. Using the best Italian raw materials derived from the plant, he mixes the aspects of sweet pulp, aromatic peel, fresh leaves and seals them up with an accord of caramel, rounding and mellowing the composition.


  • Elegant reed diffusers bring Gritti’s distinctive mood to your home. Choose between the tart freshness of Italian summer or a sweet Mediterranean sunset vibes.
  • 250 and 500 ml formats are perfect for small spaces and generous living rooms
  • Silky reeds release the fragrance smoothly and evenly in any ambient.
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