Beyond The Wall

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The curiosity to go beyond; to fetch away; to outrush. The future is spontaneous: never solid, always changing. Thrilling and breezy, happy-go-lucky. Only if you dare.

A mischievous approach to the great orientals. A perfumer’s vision of a modern way to interpret the most traditional olfactive family. Luca Gritti takes the best from the Middle Eastern style, overlaying its warm, comforting mood with clear, fine structures of European perfumery: milk and cardamom, golden spicy powder and smooth, subtle iris.
The future has no limits.

Olfactory Pyramid

Ginger powder, Violet, Artemisia
Iris, Black tea, Milky accord
Sandalwood, Cardamom, White musk


  • Ivy Collection reflects Luca Gritti’s personality, passions, and desires. Tenacious and strong, just like ivy, these perfumes — and their creator — make heads turn and stand out.
  • Ivy Collection’s distinctive mark is an explosive character. Luca Gritti combines the most contrary notes and elaborates them to reach the most overwhelming results.
  • The colors of the line heirs the brand’s distinctive contrast of gold and black, firstly used in Black Collection and then reinvented in Gritti Privé.