Because I’m Free

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Dance, dance, dance! Flash. Until the night is young, until the shiver goes down the spine. Music, beats, head over heels all around. Vertigo, can you feel it? The fragrant juice of the nights out: bold, seducing, mind-blowing. Fresh and zesty petitgrain tartness pricks the dense sweetness of candied fruits accord and leads to the heart of composition: thrilling, throbbing, white floral. Warm, seducing tuberose over steamy jasmine petals; the finest creamy banana shade on a dessert and caramel vanilla good night kiss. For your longest night. Because you are free.

Olfactory Pyramid

Candied fruits, Petitgrain, Almond blossom
Jasmine, Tuberose, Banana blossom
Amber, Caramel, Vanilla


  • Ivy Collection reflects Luca Gritti’s personality, passions, and desires. Tenacious and strong, just like ivy, these perfumes — and their creator — make heads turn and stand out.
  • Ivy Collection’s distinctive mark is an explosive character. Luca Gritti combines the most contrary notes and elaborates them to reach the most overwhelming results.
  • The colors of the line heirs the brand’s distinctive contrast of gold and black, firstly used in Black Collection and then reinvented in Gritti Privé.